Monday, 3 December 2012

Play dough bunny and duckie

These are the two new play dough animals I made recently :)

Cheerful Bunny and Duckie!

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Chu totoro likes big juicy apples.

小朋友们, 你们也喜欢吃苹果吗?
 Chu totoro 说菜市场上的苹果都有农药的残留。
如果农药被吃进肚子的话, 会对身体有损害。


Making Play dough Totoro

Playing with play dough always brings me back to childhood memories. Today I'm going to create of my favorite cartoon characters with play dough. 

These are my play doughs materials, I'm using super dough by Paulinda.

Chu totoro (blue) & Chibi totoro (white) figures 

For the final touch, draw eyes, nose, mouth on the Totoro 

 Play dough Chu and Chibi totoros completed!